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I enjoy the company of a sexy lady
Nov 3 '23
Man looking for women in dubai any one here
Feb 28 '23 · Comments: 1
Ye know when someone has no picture in his profiles it doesn't mean that they are fake accounts or prank accounts. Some of us are in sensitive positions and getting caught in such websites (which I do respect but most people don't) might cause some gossip and uncomfortable moments at the work. Hence, no profile picture uploaded. So, try to have a private message and get a number to take it from there to know each other more.

it isn't all about a profile picture!!!! don't be fouled by that. 

Jan 21 '18 · Tags: profile pictures!!
Guys online suck nowadays 
Dec 3 '17
why are girls so dumb this days , you see a girl you like text her but she never replies . why? she goes to your profile view your pics, you not the guy with the biceps , six pack , sexy eyes , bla bla, yet they want true love . but immediately they see the wrong/fake guy they fall for is prey . later they say all men are the same , hey!!! we aint the same . use your head not your eyes. 
Mar 7 '17 · Tags: truelove, looks, false profile, prey
Single guy..... looking for the right woman..... where are you ?
Mar 1 '17
Nowadays things have changed,
Talented people are now beggars,
Talented artist are behind the scenes, while dumb people take the stage,
but One thing hasn't changed Someone who actually loves You and how they treat You...
Dec 21 '16 · Comments: 1
Why it is so difficult to find REAL love? Why? Why? I want to confess:

When I was young I found a great man, but I didn't respect what I had.

I thought all men would be like him, so I was playing around, having sex with his friends etc. Until the day that he left me. After I understood everything but it was too late.

Now I try to find somebody to love me, respect me but they all lie me...


Oct 12 '15 · Comments: 3 · Tags: lies, find love, find real love and respect, real love
Hi guys, I am a girl in this site. I have to say I look for a real serious relationship. I have many proposals for "hot nights" but I never liked it. 

... more

Oct 12 '15 · Comments: 6 · Tags: mr perfect, casual sex, waiting for real love
Hi there, please I need your suggestion. I met a girl from here, she is very nice, beautiful, sexy, clever, but I want her like friend because she is a treasure. She likes me and she wants to make a kid, and she asking me to make a kid with her (for her) without and more trouble etc. 

What you suggest?



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